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11/04/201631/05/201604-2016 Consultation - Conduct of Business Rulebook Phase 2
01/04/201602/05/201603-2016 Consultation on amendments to Insurance Rules issued under the Insurance Business Act
15/03/201629/04/201602-2016 Consultation on the implementation of the EU Payment Accounts Directive
09/03/201606/04/201601-2016 Consultation on amendments to the Insurance Rules issued under the Insurance Business Act
03/12/201515/01/201612-2015 Consultation on the proposed transposition of the UCITS V Directive
16/11/201507/12/201511-2015 Consultation on insurance rules to be issued under the Insurance Business Act
05/11/201518/11/201510-2015 MFSA-CBM Consultation on the methodology for the identification of other systemically important institutions (O-SII) and the related capital buffer calibration
30/10/201527/11/201509-2015 Consultation on Insurance Rules to be issued under the Insurance Business Act
13/10/201510/11/201508-2015 Consultation on Regulations to be issued under the Insurance Business Act
18/09/201519/10/201507-2015 Consultation on regulations to be issued under the Insurance Business Act
19/08/201530/09/201506-2015 Draft regulations transposing Directive 2014/49/EU on deposit guarantee schemes, and other ancillary rules
25/06/201512/08/201505-2015 Request for feedback in relation to the Drawing up of a provisional list of the most representative services linked to a payment account and subject to a fee under the Payment Accounts Directive (2014/92/EU)
29/05/201510/07/201504-2015 Notice of extension of the consultation period in relation to the Proposed Conduct of Business Rulebook
06/05/201513/06/201504-2015 Consultation Document relating to the creation of a proposed Conduct of Business Rulebook
10/03/201530/03/201503-2015 MFSA Consultation on the regulatory approach applicable to licensed PIFs and AIFs
09/03/201515/04/201502-2015 Quantitative reporting requirements under Solvency II
12/02/201512/03/201501-2015 Proposals for Amendment of Insurance Rule 32 of 2014
22/12/201423/01/201511-2014 Consultation on the proposed amendments to the Insurance Business Act and Insurance Intermediaries Act
12/12/201405/01/201510-2014 Consultation Document on the Proposed Regulation on use of trusts for persons with disability
25/11/201423/12/201409-2014 Consultation Document on the Proposed Rules for trustees of family trusts