Click on the links below for further information on the Audit Committee, Resolution Committee, Enforcement Decisions Committee, AML/CFT Co-ordination Committee, Risk Committee & Regulatory Committee.

Audit Committee

Established by and reports to the Board of Governors. Learn more.

Resolution Committee

Responsible for taking resolution decisions pursuant to the MFSA Act and Recovery and Resolution Regulations. Learn more.

Enforcement Decisions Committee

Acting independently from the Executive Committee, it provides a clear line of demarcation between authorisation, supervision and enforcement. Learn more.

AML/CFT Co-ordination Committee

Acts as a forum for alignment and coordination relating to anti-money laundering investigations and processes. Learn more.

Risk Committee

Sets the tone for risk management and risk appetite in the Authority whilst support the it strategy. Learn more.

Regulatory Committee

Co-ordinates regulatory, authorisation and supervisory matters. Learn more.