Consumer Rights & Duties

Within this page consumers can find out about their rights and duties with banking, insurance, investments and financial advice, and how to complain or avoid scams.

What are my rights?

I am not satisfied with the service provided by my licence holder

Account information and payment initiation services

(PISP) and Account Information Service Providers (AISP)

Debit and credit cards

How to safeguard your payment instruments

Deposits and savings protection

Learn more about the Depositor Compensation Scheme

Direct debits

Right for a refund


Clear information on the conditions and costs of the loan

Misleading financial adverts

Your right to receive clear and non-misleading information

Mystery shopping exercise

An exercise conducted by the MFSA

Payment protection insurance (PPI)

What you need to know about PPI policies

Payment Services

Authorised Payment Transactions

Regulated entity

Check if an entity is regulated by the MFSA


About the correct execution of payment transactions

Unauthorized payments

About unauthorized payments from your account