In this section, you will find the Circulars issued by the Authority which are applicable to the company service providers. These Circulars are a means of keeping the industry updated mainly on regulatory matters. Circulars may be issued to provide updates and clarifications in relation to requirements emanating from related regulatory requirements; to inform the industry on proposed changes to the existing requirements and to inform the industry on any relevant documents which are relevant.

Date Subject
13/02/2019Circular to Applicants who are required to complete a Personal Questionnaire
01/11/2018 Circular to Licence Holders and Applicants who are being proposed to hold a position which requires the MFSA’s prior approval
14/09/2018 Circular to Licence Holders and Applicants for a Licence proposing individuals for an Approved Position
26/01/2017 Circular to the Market - Assessment Required Prior To Proposing Individuals for Approved Positions
05/07/2016 Circular to applicants for financial services authorisations
20/10/2015 Circular to the financial services industry on the revised Personal Questionnaire
13/05/2015 Circular addressed to Persons Registered in terms of the Company Service Providers Act (Cap. 529)