Insurance Rules applicable as from 1st January 2016


Part A – Authorisation Requirements Applicable under the Insurance Business Act
Chapter 1: The Application Process
First Schedule
Second Schedule
Third Schedule
Fourth Schedule
Fifth Schedule
Sixth Schedule
Chapter 2: Fit and Proper Criteria, Notification and Assessment
ANNEX I - Personal Questionnaire
ANNEX II - Assessment Form
ANNEX III - Competency Form
ANNEX IV - Professional Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience of individuals responsible for a branch of an authorised undertaking
Chapter 3: Prudential assessment of acquisitions and increase of holdings in authorised undertakings
SCHEDULE - List of information required for the assessment of an acquisition
ANNEX - Questionnaire for Qualifying Shareholders other than Individuals
Chapter 4: Authorisation to Act as Approved Auditor
FIRST SCHEDULE - The Approved Auditors Register
SECOND SCHEDULE – The Approved Auditors List
THIRD SCHEDULE - Application by holders of a warrant to act as accountant and auditor for an authorisation to act as approved auditor under the Insurance Business Act
FOURTH SCHEDULE - Application by audit firms for an authorisation to act as approved auditor under the Insurance Business Act
Part B – Conditions for carrying on Business of Insurance
Chapter 5: Valuation of assets and liabilities, technical provisions, own funds, Solvency Capital Requirement, Minimum Capital Requirement and investment rules
Annex - Intra-Group Loans
Chapter 6: System of Governance
ANNEX I - Guidelines on System of Governance and on Own Risk and Solvency Assessment
ANNEX II - Audit Committee
Chapter 7: Separate Management of Long Term Business and General Business
Chapter 8: Financial Statements and Supervisory Reporting Requirements
ANNEX I - Guidelines on reporting and public disclosure
ANNEX II - Annual National Specific Templates
ANNEX III - Quarterly National Specific Templates
ANNEX IV - Declaration Form
ANNEX V - External audit of the Solvency II regulatory returns
Chapter 9: Freedom of Establishment and Freedom to provide Services by a European Insurance Undertaking and a European Reinsurance Undertaking
ANNEX I - Information for Policyholders
ANNEX II - Forms
Chapter 10: Freedom of Establishment and Freedom to provide Services by a Maltese Insurance Undertaking and a Maltese Reinsurance Undertaking
Chapter 11: Provisions applicable to specific classes of general business of insurance
ANNEX – Specimen Agreement
Chapter 12: Conduct of Business Rules
SCHEDULE - Best Practices by Undertakings Concerned in Handling Complaints
ANNEX - Complaints Reported by Insurance Undertakings
Chapter 13: General Principles of Supervision Rules
Part C - Other Provisions
Chapter 14: Reinsurance Special Purpose Vehicles
First Schedule - Application for authorisation of a RSPV
Second Schedule -Application for authorisation of a RSPV SCC
Third Schedule - Application for approval of a cell of a RSPV SCC
Chapter 15: Phasing-in measures for Solvency II Implementation