MFSA Warnings

15-03-201906-2019MFSA Warning -
14-03-201905-2019MFSA Warning -
18-02-201904-2019MFSA Warning - BlackStreamMarkets -
18-02-201903-2019MFSA Warning - TERABANQ -
25-01-201902-2019MFSA WARNING - Bitcoin Revolution
17-01-201901-2019MFSA Warning - FXNobels -
01-11-201807-2018MFSA Warning - Maltese Scudo -
25-10-201806-2018MFSA Warning - PRIMETRADINGBOT -
26-07-201805-2018MFSA Warning - Marantino Capital Ltd - OnlyTrades –
23-07-201804-2018MFSA Warning - “FXenergy” -
05-04-201803-2018MFSA Warning - Stocksbtc -
12-03-201802-2018MFSA Warning - SHTERN GROUP -
27-02-201801-2018MFSA Warning - VSB Malta -
15-12-201705-2017MFSA Warning - Falcon Financial Management –
31-07-201704-2017MFSA Warning - Warning addressed to the general public regarding virtual currencies
18-04-201703-2017MFSA Warning - OneCoin - - OneCoin Malta
02-03-201702-2017Notice addressed to the general public, namely to retail investors, regarding the sale of speculative products [Contracts for Difference; Binary Options; Forex and other speculative products] and their associated risks
24-01-201701-2017MFSA Warning -
20-12-201613-2016MFSA Warning - Coinspace Ltd -
16-11-201612-2016MFSA Warning - Gemini2 -
10-11-201611-2016MFSA Warning - My Advertising Pays -
28-10-201609-2016MFSA Warning - MXTrade - Grizzly Limited –
28-10-201610-2016MFSA Warning - TradingBanks - Grizzly Limited -
25-10-201608-2016MFSA Warning - Provident Capital Management -
26-09-201607-2016MFSA Warning - EMEXPAY -
29-07-201606-2016MFSA Warning addressed to the general public, namely to retail investors regarding the sale of speculative products [Contracts for Difference; Binary options; and other speculative products] and the associated risks
10-06-201605-2016MFSA Warning -
16-05-201604-2016MFSA Warning -
28-04-201603-2016MFSA Warning - Global InterGold -
08-04-201602-2016MFSA Warning -
21-03-201601-2016St. Publius Corporate Services Limited
23-06-201504-2015Wire Prepay -
07-05-201502-2015Bank Invest Capital Ltd
07-05-201503-2015GFS Securities Ltd
16-02-201501-2015Zenith Funds Ltd -
06-10-201411-2014FOREX MMCIS Group
05-09-201410-2014Facebook Posts offering loans to the public posted by users under the names ‘Marina Zidane’ and ‘Exaucer Doremos’
18-08-201409-2014Finexten Transition – Finexten SICAV P.L.C.
20-06-201408-2014Warning against Forex Broker Inc. or Noble Services, Velarda Forex, Velarda Markets or Velarda and NDD Broker
13-06-201407-2014WM Bormla, WM Bormla Limited, WM Bormla Bank Limited and WM Bormla PLC -
08-04-201406-2014FXDealer, FX Dealer, FX Direct Dealer or - and Sky Forex or Sky Forex Europe –
03-04-201805-2014Notice to the General Public - Online foreign exchange brokers
17-03-201404-2014Frontiers Group Global Investment or Frontiers Group Investment Ltd –
07-03-201403-2014FxGcmi, Global Capital Markets FX LLC or Global Capital Markets FX Ltd –
21-02-201402-2014Merex Markets –
19-02-201401-2014ABFX Ltd or ABFX Inc. –
05-12-201314-2013Forex Worldwide Ltd and ToroPROfit
20-11-201313-2013Scam emails targeting Maltese consumers
25-10-201312-2013St. Publius Corporate Services Limited - & Updates 13.01.2014, 21.07.2014
14-10-201311-2013Redevelopment Corporation International Ltd (operating under trade name “FOREXPERTI” -
01-10-201307-2013Accedium Limited - (Warning removed)
10-09-201309-2013AGB Malta plc -
10-09-201310-2013Multi Risk Benefits Limited -
22-08-201308-2013SGT Malta -
26-06-201306-2013Ashoka Financial Services
26-03-201303-2013“The” and related websites
27-02-201302-2013SeaMed Finance Savings and Investments
23-01-201301-2013CIB Malta -
28-12-201207-2012Guardian Securities Limited
27-12-201206-2012TradeFast / TradeFast Inc. / TradeFast Holdings Inc.
09-11-201205-2012Malta Payday Loan
24-09-201204-2012BROWN-MLT Finance Group
04-09-201203-2012OCB Malta -
17-05-201202-2012Larsson Group -
22-02-201201-2012CIB Malta PLC-
11-11-201110-2011An unknown company using to clone the name of Guardian Securities Ltd, a Category 1A Licence Holder
25-10-201109-2011Guardian Securities
10-10-201108-2011United Europe Business Group (UEBG)
06-10-201107-2011Apps Finance, Malta Group
10-06-201105-2011ABL International Ltd / ABL Assicurazioni International Ltd
31-05-201104-2011GBS Bank Malta Limited -
17-05-201103-2011GBS Bank Malta Limited -
10-05-201102-2011Green Plants Investment Management Ltd.
11-03-201101-2011Internet website
30-10-2009MFSA WarningSay “cheese” – you’ve been scammed!
19-09-2008MFSA WarningSCAMS – Bogus Investment Opportunities and inexistent Prize/Lottery Winnings
17-11-2007MFSA WarningMFSA warns consumers against “special offers” and “free gifts”
01-02-2007MFSA WarningDodgy domains
21-07-2006MFSA WarningCheque Overpayment Scams
27-06-2006MFSA WarningMFSA issues warning on The Malta International Art Fund Ltd
25-01-2006MFSA WarningScam - Notification of prize and lottery winnings
17-06-2005MFSA WarningPrime Forestry Switzerland AG - Prime Forestry Group
31-05-2005MFSA WarningLicensed persons/institutions can provide financial services
12-10-2004MFSA WarningPhishing - New type of internet scam
30-07-2004MFSA WarningLicensed persons/institutions can provide financial services
30-07-2004MFSA WarningForged gaurantee issued by Austrian bank
11-02-2004MFSA WarningArgo Trust Limited
22-10-2003MFSA WarningAdverts for Financial Products & Services
30-06-2003MFSA WarningDrexel Asset Management
13-06-2003MFSA WarningGraves, Stanley & Peabody Ltd
21-05-2003MFSA WarningWillmont Partners S.L. and Ainsley Consulting S.L.
22-08-2002MFSA WarningNigerian letter scams