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02/04/2018  MFSA Newsletter - March 2018
26/03/2018  EIOPA Stress Test 2018
23/03/2018  ECB publishes guides to assessments of licence applications for banks and fintech credit institutions
15/03/2018  ECB sets out its supervisory expectations for new NPLs
14/03/2018  EBA advises European Commission on the use of prudential backstops to prevent the building up of new NPLs
05/03/2018  EIOPA Stakeholder Groups Selection Process
02/03/2018  ECB launches public consultation on draft guides for banks on their capital and liquidity management
28/02/2018  MFSA Newsletter - February 2018
22/02/2018  Statement by Danièle Nouy, chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB
19/02/2018  ECB instructs national supervisor to impose moratorium on ABLV Bank
19/02/2018  Malta - A firm captive domicile
13/02/2018  ESAs warn consumers of risks in buying virtual currencies
02/02/2018  Announcement of EU CCP Stress Test Results
02/02/2018  MFSA Newsletter - January 2018
01/02/2018  ECB to stress test 37 euro area banks as part of the 2018 EU-wide EBA stress test
01/02/2018  EBA launches 2018 EU-wide stress test exercise
18/01/2018  ESMA consults on potential CFD and binary options measures to protect retail investors
16/01/2018  The EBA Risk Dashboard confirms steady improvements in the EU banking sector but banks profitability and business model sustainability remain key challenges
29/12/2017  MFSA Newsletter - December 2017
20/12/2017  ESMA consults on securitisation requirements