Aldo Giordano – Head, Resolution

Since 1 January 2016, Mr Giordano was appointed as Head of Resolution. Having been instrumental in setting up the necessary structures of the department, he currently heads a multidisciplinary team of 11 persons and is the MFSA representative on the Single Resolution Board’s Plenary Committee.
Mr Giordano is also the Secretary to the Depositor and Investor Compensation Schemes, being responsible for the project implementation of a new electronic system which will enable analysis of data received from banks

Aldo Giordano started his career at the Central Bank of Malta in 1979. He worked within various departments in the Bank, including Research and Statistics Office, Correspondent Banking and Banking Supervision. Mr Giordano spent 14 years in the latter department gaining experience in onsite and off-site supervision of banks as well as in the compliance and licensing of such institutions. When moving to the MFSA in 2002, Mr Giordano continued to specialise in Regulation and Compliance in his role of Deputy Director within the Banking Supervision, which encompassed both licensing and policy areas.