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21/07/201770-2017 Merger of Licence Holders - Mediterranean Corporate Bank Ltd
17/07/201769-2017 Cancellation of Registration by Ms Michelle Bonnici Mallia
13/07/201768-2017 Surrender of Licence by Lansrode Capital Management SICAV plc
12/07/201767-2017 Surrender of Licence by TRIPS SICAV plc
12/07/201766-2017 Surrender of Licence by FCS Global Funds SICAV plc in relation to FCS Navigator Fund
26/06/201765-2017 Registry of Companies Website
13/06/201764-2017 Regulatory action against Brokersclub Limited
12/06/201763-2017 Surrender of Licence of The Timeless US Growth Fund SICAV plc
05/06/201762-2017 Suspension of authorisation of Gametech (Cyprus) Ltd by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
05/06/201761-2017 Withdrawal of authorisation of CommexFX Ltd by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
05/06/201760-2017 Suspension of authorisation of Boursotrade Ltd by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
05/06/201759-2017 Withdrawal of authorisation of Atlas Capital Financial Services Ltd by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
05/06/201758-2017 Surrender of Licence by W1 Fund SICAV plc
01/06/201757-2017 Surrender of Licence by General Investment Markets SICAV plc
31/05/201756-2017 Surrender of Warrant - Valletta Offshore Management Nominee Limited
29/05/201755-2017 Cancellation of Registration by Hand Ltd
26/05/201754-2017 Suspension of Collective Investment Scheme Licence of MCM Global Opportunities Fund SICAV plc
25/05/201753-2017 Surrender of Licences by Brewin Dolphin Portfolios Limited
09/05/201752-2017 Surrender of Licence of RohFund Global SICAV plc in relation to SIPA Balanced Fund
08/05/201751-2017 Surrender of Licence by Bosphorus Umbrella SICAV plc