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19/02/201815-2018 Surrender of Licence by Solid Future UCITS Funds SICAV plc
12/02/201814-2018 Surrender of Licence by Nobelium Fund SICAV plc
09/02/201813-2018 Surrender of Licence by Infinity Capital SICAV plc in relation to Infinity CEE Opportunities Fund
09/02/201812-2018 Cancellation of Registration by Cordium Malta Limited
01/02/201811-2018 Surrender of Licence by Oneka Asset Management Limited
31/01/201810-2018 Surrender of Licence by Lagonda Funds SICAV plc
31/01/201809-2018 Suspension of Licence by Horus Malta Limited
23/01/201808-2018 Directive to Excellence Investment Umbrella SICAV plc
19/01/201807-2018 Surrender of Licence of Alphabetos Funds SICAV plc
19/01/201806-2018 Surrender of Licence Foinavon SICAV plc in relation to Foinavon Credit Fund
17/01/201805-2018 Surrender of Licence of The Millennium Wave Fund (SICAV) plc
17/01/201804-2018 Surrender of Licence of The ARP Absolute Return Fund (SICAV) plc
12/01/201803-2018 Surrender of Licence by Numen Investments Limited
09/01/201802-2018 Surrender of Licence of Comino III Umbrella Fund SICAV plc
04/01/201801-2018 Surrender of licence by Elef Global Investments SICAV plc.
29/12/2017104-2017 Surrender of Licence by St Julians Insurance Company Limited
12/12/2017103-2017 Suspension of Category 2 Investment Services Licence - Malta Capital Management Limited
01/12/2017102-2017 Surrender of Licence by Citibank International Limited
29/11/2017101-2017 Directive to Novium Opportunity Umbrella SICAV plc
16/11/2017100-2017 Surrender of Licence by Somerset Capital Fund SICAV plc