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18/12/2018115-2018 Surrender of Licence by Ciel European SICAV plc
18/12/2018114-2018 Administrative penalty imposed on Novum Bank Limited
14/12/2018113-2018 Surrender of Licence by NordHedge Asset Management Limited
14/12/2018112-2018 Surrender of Licence by Temporis Investment Management Limited
14/12/2018111-2018 Surrender of Licence by Castlegate Fund Services Ltd
13/12/2018110-2018 Directive to Novium AG Investment Solutions
11/12/2018109-2018 Cancellation of Registration by CSU Corporate Services Ltd (C 33799)
06/12/2018108-2018 Update on Satabank
03/12/2018107-2018 Surrender of Licences of Audentia Capital SICAV plc
03/12/2018106-2018 Surrender of Licence by Hambermuc SICAV plc
26/11/2018105-2018 Surrender of Licence by GlobalCapital Funds SICAV plc
23/11/2018104-2018 Public Notice: Update on Satabank – Corporate Hardship Fund
22/11/2018103-2018 Public Notice: Update on Satabank – Releasing of Personal Deposits
22/11/2018102-2018 Cancellation of Registration by Omega Services Limited
22/11/2018101-2018 Surrender of Licence by Dalma Capital SICAV plc
21/11/2018100-2018 Surrender of Licence by Equinoxe AIS Malta Limited
20/11/201899-2018 Surrender of Licence by Comino II Umbrella Fund SICAV plc
19/11/201898-2018 Cancellation of Registration by STM Malta Services Limited
19/11/201897-2018 Cancellation of Registration by STM Malta Corporate Limited
19/11/201896-2018 Cancellation of Registration by STM Malta Management Limited